Is Your Car Really Safe From The ‘CAT’ Burglar?

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If you are among the 25% of car drivers in the UK who have had their car keys stolen, you know it’s a terrible experience.

Your pride and joy is gone and in the hands of miscreants who may decide to strip it for parts or attempt to smuggle it out of the country. Even worse, is if you have personal effects and valuables in the car at the time of theft.

These days, car thieves find stripping of cars for parts a very lucrative business.

If they stripped it of easily replaceable parts, the loss may be a little more bearable, but in recent years, the theft of cars to remove a component called the catalytic converter has doubled in the past 4 years.

This component reduces the emission of carbon mono-oxide from your car or van’s exhaust system, but it is still stolen because it has a high percentage of palladium and platinum used in its construction. The stolen ‘cat’ may also be resold on the black market for use in other cars.

If you have one stolen out of your car, replacing it can run into thousands of pounds. How can you prevent this unnecessary expense?

The tips below can help you protect your car from theft:

  • Park your car in a secure garage.
  • If you have a walkway or path leading up to your hose, fill it with gravel. It is practically impossible to tread softly on gravel. You will hear the intruder creeping up and be prepared.
  • If you have the space, invest in a solid garage structure. Forget wooden structures, go for concrete. Apart from offering top notch protection for your cars, it is easier to maintain than a wooden structure.
  • When you have chosen the garage structure, don’t forget about the door and locks. Using a reinforced steel garage door will add to the protection you desire. Adding heavy duty locks with padlocks will deter any would-be thief.
  • A motion detected CCTV system is priceless for those times when you are not in the house. Add an alarm system from a reputable company and you have just increased your safety levels.
  • If you don’t have a garage and you have to park your car on the kerb, you are increasing the risk of it being stolen. One way around this is to mark your valuables, yes, even the catalytic converter, with a serial number. Purchase a marking kit, mark it and register it with a reputable company. This will allow you to track it if stolen.
  • If you drive a 4×4, jeep or a car with ample under carriage clearance, you may lose your converter quicker. If you are mindful of where and how you park, you can foil any would-be robber who wants to crawl underneath. Try parking between 2 smaller cars.
  • Always park in a populated and well-lit area.

Most security companies offer prominent stickers as part of the package you can buy. Put these in full view, on windows and doors. After all, statistics say, you are 300% more likely to be robbed, if an opportunistic thief considers your property an easy one to burgle.

At SRL Limited, we fit a range of reinforced garage doors. Regardless of the style of door, roller shutter, sectional or side hinged, we offer doors that are tough and solid.

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