Replacing Your Patio Doors: Custom Or Off The Shelf?

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A quality patio door is an added bonus to any home.

It allows the room it is placed in to look bigger as it lets light in & makes it brighter. It is a unique selling point for real estate agents. The ability to expand your available space by simply opening up a door is a key benefit of these doors. With the right glass, they also serve as superb insulators when the temperatures drop. Knowing these features, how do you put a price on fixing or replacing a patio door? If you want to have them replaced, use this guide to figure out the cost and which type is best for your home.

The most common type of patio door is the basic sliding patio door, and usually costs a little above £500.

These come with only two panels. They are basically an aluminium frame or reinforced PVC and a sheet of single glazed glass, from retailers like HomeDepot. This can be used if the space to be covered is a small one or if you simply want to spruce up the house to boost its sale value.

Note that the single sheet glass is usually Low-E glass and the frame is basically a PVC one, not the best combination of materials. One common problem is that, over time, the rails become clogged with dirt and debris causing the door to stick in its tracks. This leads to them never closing or opening smoothly and fully. This may also be due to expansion from heating from the sun.

If you are willing to get a high quality product, pop into SRL Ltd and pick from our range of patio doors. We produce and deliver custom doors that fit exactly what you need; they have better insulation properties and look amazing too.

Bi-Fold doors, which became more popular around the turn of the century, are another popular patio door option. They provide a really fine view as they can span up to seven metre spaces. You can have a choice of splits, either to the left or the right on opening. These usually run to about £1,000 from high street retailers. Bear in mind that this is for 2 panel doors.

They are generally sturdier than the sliding doors mentioned before, and are more popular as they have numerous extra options that can be added to improve efficiency and safety.

A word of caution to home owners: Many big name stores offer these doors at seemingly low prices. They don’t tell you that you are buying the door alone and that installation is an added cost. Some don’t even include all the fittings and hardware you need to install the door.

Another way they hide the true cost is that they stock the most basic specification of the door with low energy efficiency glass, very short warranty period, no installation included etc. By the time you add all these necessary costs up, the original price would have doubled.

Again, whilst you may consider yourself a dab hand at DIY, I would recommend that you let a professional crew install the patio door. It is a trickier process than setting up that Ikea shelf you bought last week, and it allows very very little room for error.

At SRL Limited, we believe in giving the customer their moneys’ worth and then some.

We help you work out what type of patio door is best suited for your needs. We stock a wide range of hardware, glass, frames, so we can create a unique patio door for you. We include the total cost upfront, so you know what your order really costs. Call us today and get a quote.

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