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There is a wide range of roller shutter options available for shop fronts, from see-through lightweight grilles and aluminium rollers, to heavy-weight steel security units. Finding the right option for you means understanding the properties of each solution and the security risk in your location. To help, we’ve outlined the main features you can expect from the options available.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

Aluminium roller shutters offer a highly affordable way to protect property, delivering outstanding mid-range security at a favourable price. When it comes to lightweight shutter solutions, well-constructed aluminium roller shutters are almost impossible to outperform. These roller shutters provide a physical and visual barrier that will give peace of mind and protection for any retail shop owner, commercial business or residential.

The beauty of aluminium is that has the ability to blend into the surroundings and can be painted or sprayed to match the rest of the shop front. Today’s aluminium roller shutters can be finished in a range of options to client specifications. Powder coating in the brand colours of the shop or business is a popular trend. This avoids the unsightly grey metal exterior that some consumers might interpret as an “out-of-business” or closed operation. It also acts as an additional deterrent to vandalism and graffiti.

The benefit of this is that businesses and shops can make use of their aluminium roller shutter as an attractive billboard. Window shoppers and passers-by will be able to notice your brand or advertising messages on the lightweight roller shutter during “off hours”.

Aluminium shutters offer a wealth of features that make them highly attractive to many shop owners. The extra layer of defense occupies little space. Aluminium shutters will roll up into an inconspicuous space above the shop window, allowing you and your employees the benefit of an unobscured view outside, as well as an open and welcoming aspect to the public.

See-Through Grilles

Sometimes seen as a step down in overall security, see-through grilles will still provide a very adequate layer of protection to window glazing.

The advantage of grilles is that potential customers can view displays in a shop front or business without having direct access to the window. If your business is in an area where shoppers are on the street day and night, see-through shutter grilles just might be the product for you.

Steel shutters for high security

The highest level of security is delivered by heavy duty security steel roller shutter. For businesses that require serious security this is the best option available.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel, these type of roller shutters are the staple of the security industry. They are usually most popular in areas where crime rates are high, and where appearance is not the main concern.

Many small shops and garages choose this security shutter to protect highly valuable equipment, or assets that are essential to the continuing existence of the business. Although not the cheapest option, heavy duty steel shutters are an investment in your business security, and will pay big dividends by making sure that you are never robbed again.

Get the right roller shutters for you

Roller shutter construction is amazingly efficient and compact. There are many on the market and you own situation will influence which option is best for you.

For more information on choosing the right option, contact us today. We can help you get the best security for your business.

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