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All business owners appreciate just how important it is to make their premises safe and secure.

It’s crucial that important equipment and data is protected against theft and criminal damage. But what’s the best and most effective way of securing business premises? SRL Ltd would have to say that it has to be roller shutters. They ensure security without interfering with access during working hours.

In our opinion, roller shutters are secure, convenient and affordable and a must for business premises, and here’s why.

Ease of operation.

Roller shutters can be opened manually or electrically using a motor. The electric roller shutter can either be operated via a panel next to the door or by a remote control. Whether your business chooses manual or electric roller shutters will depend on your personal preferences and budgets, but both types of roller shutter can be rolled out of the way quickly and easily so they won’t interfere with normal business operations.

Ease of Use and installation.

Roller shutter doors operate on a vertical plane which means they don’t have to open inwards or outwards like many conventional factory doors. This is an important consideration for those businesses where usable floor space is critical. A roller shutter door rolls up into a recess. This means that transport vehicles and lorries have clear and unobstructed access to loading bays. The roller shutter door is hung from an overhead frame which is attached to the wall and supported internally by side piers. Side piers also mean there is less likelihood of damage to vehicles when the electric roller shutter door is fully open. Electric roller shutter doors do not require any other structural supports, so they can be installed quickly and safely.

Protection and security.

Produced from quality galvanized steel and interlocking flat face strips, security roller shutters are safe and secure. Industrial Roller Shutter Doors and electric roller shutter doors are specially designed to be robust and highly resistant to intruders. Steel roller shutters and electric roller shutter doors are virtually impregnable to all-but the most determined thief, and even then they will ensure that if intruders are determined to break in, they will have to work hard for that privilege.


Insulated roller shutters can be custom-designed to a business’ specification. Each individual door lath is insulated enhancing the U-value over and above the insulation values stipulated by building control regulations. Insulated roller shutters are particularly suited to cold storage premises where temperature control is critical.

Industrial roller shutters are a business essential and an asset. They offer the highest levels of security, guarantee peace of mind, and offer the best levels of access and environmental protection. What’s more, they are affordable and are within the security budgets of most companies.

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