Roller Shutters Aren’t Simply Window Dressing – They Are An Essential Business Asset

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Shop Fronts Need Adequate Security:

Any business owner who has premises, such as a shop or high street office, understands just how important it is to make their business front or shop front is safe and secure.

Business today hold expensive equipment such as computers, laptops, mobile devices etc. which can easily be the subject of theft. Shops face increasing insurance premiums, and increasingly brazen thieves, who are willing to directly target the weakest point in a shop’s security – the front windows.

How can you secure your business?

It’s crucial, therefore, that important equipment and data is protected against theft and criminal damage, and particularly crucial that your weakest points – your window frontage.

But what’s the most effective and cost efficient way of securing business premises and avoiding the sleepless nights filled with worry and anxiety?

What’s the best way of ensuring that premises are secure without compromising access during working hours?  

Roller Shutters offer vastly increased security

There are a number of options available, but by far the most effective and efficient solution is the roller shutter. Roller shutters have many advantages. They are secure, convenient and affordable. Also, importantly for shop fronts, and offices who need to open onto a high street environment, they can be rolled out of the way during business hours to ensure work and customer footfall continues as normal.

The commercial and industrial roller shutters delivered by SRL provide additional security to existing shop front windows and doors and can also act as access control points for the main entry to warehouses and business units.

Industrial Electric Roller Shutters

Roller shutters can also be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. They can be used for environmental control and fire protection/resistance. Because roller shutters can be controlled mechanically or electrically, it’s also possible to control the speed of access to business premises.

The most popular choice for many businesses is the electric roller shutter door. These provide the ultimate protection for business premises, but can be rolled out of the way quickly and easily so it doesn’t interfere with normal business operations.

Industrial Roller Shutter Doors and electric roller shutters which are specially designed to provide safety are designed to be robust and highly resistant to intruders.

Maintaining Shop Front Branding with Roller Shutter Doors

In the past there has been plenty of concern from shop front owners, and also from local councils and authorities about the look of the shutters themselves.

Business owners have sometimes been criticised, and local authorities have, at times, implemented bylaws to stop shops using shopfronts, because of a fear that they will look out of place, or will detract from the general facade of the property.

These concerns are unfounded.

SRL Roller shutters, and particularly our Aluminium Roller Shutters are available in many different colours and can even be matched to the precise colour requirements of businesses.  

Some businesses who want to maintain their branding even when they are closed, and to present a pleasant exterior to their customers have expressed concern that roller shutters might harm this clean-cut image.

Once again, this simply isn’t the case.

Well maintained roller shutters can that have been coloured to match the shop front branding look smart, clean and functional. They will maintain the integrity of the brand and give a great impression to the business’ customers, as well as offering security, safety and peace of mind.

Roller shutters are no longer window dressing

They are now a business essential and an asset.  

They offer the highest levels of security, guarantee peace of mind, and offer the best levels of access and environmental protection.

What’s more, they are affordable and are within the security budgets of most companies.

To learn more about our Roller Shutters and how we can secure your shop front premises, contact SRL Ltd today.

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