Roller Shutters In Lancashire.

Well, being based up North in Lancashire, SRL Ltd certainly know how to advise you on the care of roller shutters, as we are used to all extremes of weather, which can affect them.

We are used to rain, snow, howling gales, freezing temperatures and occasional soaring temperatures, this combined with pollen, dust, leaves and pollution can all causes damage.

Roller shutters are designed to withstand these and have an excellent life cycle and actually require little maintenance.

However, there are ways you can help extend the life of the roller shutters you have invested in.

What can you do?

Check regularly that the guide rails are clean of debris dust, leaves etc. These need to be kept clean as well as other moving parts. This will inevitably make sure your roller shutters last longer.

Do they shut completely without squeaking or grinding? As soon as you notice any sign of damage you need to have them repaired. They may be some parts that may get damaged more than others due to particular weather conditions. If you don’t attend to minor damage immediately, the problem will unavoidably become worse and may result in you needing to replace the roller shutters, (which could be an expense that you don’t need).

Apply a little oil. Most people thing once the roller shutters are fitted that’s it, job done! But a common mistake could be not to check or care for them. A little oil can ensure that they carry on opening and closing smoothly. If they don’t, they could seize up.

If you have roller shutters that are opened for any period of time, maybe due to a 24 hour working warehouse, it could cause a build-up of moisture within the shutter; it is advisable to ensure you close them just to let the air get to them.

It is advisable to clean the roller shutters every 3-6 months just to avoid a build of dirt and debris as this could affect the smooth operation of the shutters. Obviously after you have washed them leave them shut to dry off, or wipe the majority of the water off.

IT IS IMPORTANT YOU DON’T USE ANY ABRASIVE CLEANERS OR SOLVENTS, as this could affect the coatings on the roller shutters, brush the debris away and spray with a high powered hose is sufficient. Make sure you don’t get any of the electronic mechanisms. Don’t use scrubbing brushes, steel wool or scrapers.

As an employer, it is up to you to maintain roller shutters for Health and Safety reasons as stated by the HSE, Health and Safety executive.

For any further information on maintenance and repairs contact 0161 343 6253. Email:

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