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What are Roller shutters?

Well, Roller shutters are simply where the door leaf rolls up above the doorway. The principle of “rolling up” is used in all kinds of other modifications such as roller shutters, roller shutters for shop windows, shutter garage doors, high-speed roller shutters and more, see our roller shutters page and gallery.

The design and materials have changed in the 130 years since roller shutters were invented.

However the fact is that’s they still have many purposes and functions for windows and doors. The 1970’s saw the popularity of roller shutters grow, it was the industrial door at that time. Roller shutters were mainly used as industrial doors for large doorways through which machinery and materials would be brought in and out.

Shutters are for inside or outside – in plastic, aluminium or stainless steel. Look around you see them everywhere. We associate Roller shutter with industrial and commercial security.

However there is more to the roller shutter:

  • They block curious looks from outside (screening from view).
  • Insulate to prevent energy losses in winter (cold protection).
  • Keep the summer heat outside (thermal insulation).


  • Noise shield against loud, everyday sounds (noise protection).
  • Thunderstorms (storm protection).
  • As we more commonly think- security (burglary protection).

The most common type of shutter we may be familiar with is one that is used for garage doors. This roller shutter is usually available in a standard horizontal format with slats of aluminium, steel or PVC. They can automatic as well as manual operation. Electric operation is favoured by many as it can be raised or lowered without effort. Roller shutters can significantly reduce the chances of car theft and burglary.

The life or a roller shutter can be quite some time, many years, without the need for replacement or repair. With the modern materials used nowadays, that can be a significant period of time.

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