Can roller shutters reduce commercial property insurance?

Can roller shutters reduce commercial property insurance? The 2016 Commercial Victimisation Survey polled hundreds of businesses throughout the UK.

Crime levels down significantly in the last five years

It found that highest crime rates occur in retail and wholesale sectors, compared to all other sectors. However this fell between 2012 and 2014 down from almost 20,000 to 13,000 incidents per 1,000 premises in 2014. Since 2014 it has remained flat at this level.

This means that the number of retail, manufacture and hospitality premises suffering break-ins had dramatically dropped since the start of the century.

On the whole, the businesses that were affected by crime were larger businesses with bigger, more vulnerable properties.

Decline in commercial property crime

The decline in crimes against commercial property is to be welcomed. But it is worth exploring the reasons behind it. There are some critics who suggest that an increasingly preoccupied youth culture, where those who traditionally perpetrate  crime are now engrossed in their smartphones rather than casual crime. However, this theory is completely unproven.

It is far more likely, that the security industry’s understanding of how to protect commercial properties has improved considerably. This allied with better standards of security systems and equipment has gone leaps and bounds towards stopping petty crime from occurring in the first place.

Additions such as Roller Shutters to cover vulnerable windows and doors has reduced the ability to break in and has greatly reduced instances of all activity, from petty vandalism to serious crimes, such as arson,

Security preparations affect insurance premiums

The fact that crimes are reduced because of preparations should always be reflected by your commercial property insurance. Location, risk rating and additional security measures are all factored into policy premiums.

Most businesses that have a commercial property are affected by the security rating that an insurance broker will use to measure the risk involved in providing insurance.

The more your business has invested in protecting your premises, the less of a risk that particular policy entails, and as a result, the lower the premium.

The best tactic is to shop around, just as you would with any supplier, to try as many brokers as possible. This is especially important for insurance, as different companies use different metrics. This creates the potential for your business to benefit from the lack of standardisation in insurance practices.

Roller shutters have positive effect on commercial property insurance

Custom roller shutters, such as those supplied by SRL Ltd, are rated as security shutters. These are made of galvanised steel and are an ideal way to increase security ratings on your commercial premises.

For most commercial premises, the most obvious point of entry are doors and windows. Where properties have larger entries, such as industrial-sized garage doors, these must be protected with appropriate security. Secondary points of entry, such as ground floor windows, should also be protected. If a ground floor office is susceptible to infiltration, this is the only opportunity a criminal needs to enter the building.

Security roller shutters are proven crime deterrents

Insurance companies appreciate the physical and visual barriers that quality roller shutters represent.

Where there are valuable commodities inside a business premises, having them screened from view minimises the risk of opportunistic theft. The physical obstacle of a sturdy shutter means that to gain entry, criminals must undertake considerable planning  and have the right equipment to hand. Neither of these are present with the majority of criminals.

All of this should be taken into account by an insurance company, if your insurance company does not recognise the measures you have taken to protect your property, move on to an insurance broker who does, because security roller shutters are proven crime deterrents.

Take the best measures to protect your business

The best strategy for protecting a business is not to consider why criminals aren’t attacking as much as they used to, but to continue to implement the proven methods that guarantee protection and give peace of mind. Roller Shutters deliver high security and peace of mind.

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