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For a long time necessary security solutions such as roller shutters, fire doors and railings were ugly additions to what would otherwise be an attractive façade. Now times have changed – and businesses can flaunt their goods and promote their brand without compromising the impression they give with unappealing yet necessary security features.

Toughened glass is a game-changer for businesses who need to keep up appearances

High-end retailers selling expensive goods were previously confined to displaying them within a small area, as glass represented a ‘weak spot’ for smash and grab thieves. Now times have changed – and toughened glass enables car dealers, jewellers, electrical retailers and restaurants to maintain a slick, contemporary appearance whilst keeping their goods safe. Shutters can reinforce this security outside of opening hours, powder coated to seamlessly blend with surrounding materials and facades.

Powder coating for doors, windows and roller shutters

Ugly grey metal was once the only colour available for essential security elements of a shop front or business premises. Then came garish blues, yellows and reds – primary colours which once again had a less than positive effect on the eye and did little for brand awareness. However once again technological advances have enabled businesses to present an altogether more attractive front to the outside world – as powder coating now means that shutters, doors and window frames are available in a variety of colours and finishes. Shutters can even be branded so that you can even reinforce your brand message and market your business outside of opening hours.

Separate solutions

Now the importance of aesthetic appeal is recognised – and as such security solutions are incorporated as a necessary part of initial designs, rather than being left as an afterthought. This means that during the initial stages of the design process they can be factored in to ensure that colour, texture and placement all work cohesively together to give off a positive first impression.

For more advice and industry tips read our related blog posts or get in touch for further information about our services. We offer powder coating in-house, providing a range of security solutions for a variety of businesses and specifications.

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