A Few Security Solutions Offer The Level Of Protection Of Steel Roller Shutters

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Many modern commercial and industrial units often contain expensive equipment and materials and therefore have now become a target for thieves.

Few security solutions offer the level of protection of steel roller shutters.

Steel roller shutters and roller shutter doors are virtually impregnable to all-but the most determined thief, and even then they will ensure that if intruders are determined to break in, they will have to work hard for that privilege. Steel roller shutter doors and steel roller shutters are specially designed to be robust and highly resistant to intruders. Steel roller shutters also look smart, clean and functional, and will the right sort of impression to existing and prospective business customers.

Security protection of steel roller shutters.

If your business is looking for added security for your commercial premises, then you should really speak to SRL Ltd, Manchester’s leading steel roller shutter manufacturer. SRL design and manufacture a range of single skin steel roller shutter doors suitable for medium to heavy use that provide first class security and protection. We manufacture steel roller shutter doors for shop fronts, doors, windows, and garages to guarantee security and insurance approved to LPS 1175. SRL’s steel roller shutter doors can be manufactured with manual or electric operation, uncoated or coated and in a wide range of colour finishes to suit any security-conscious business. We can also supply a heavy-duty power-operated steel roller shutter door with either single solid, scrolled or perforated lath of varying gauges or alternatively a double-skin 20mm thick steel roller shutters which offers increased security and greater wind resistance and insulation.

From manufacturing and installation to maintenance and servicing, SRL LIMITED is the complete ‘one stop shop’ for all your steel roller shutter door and grille requirements. With over 30 years’ experience in the field we know what we’re talking about. We manufacture, supply, install and maintain all types of commercial doors and steel roller shutters across the UK, and aim to ensure that our products out-perform rival doors and roller shutters in terms of quality, function, finish and price.

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