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When it comes to advertising your business, nothing beats an amazing shop front. You can showcase your goods, excite potential customers, and make your shop an interesting and inviting place to enter.

But glass is also traditionally the most vulnerable point of a building’s exterior. Glass is always perceived as being fragile, making windows, glass fronts and doors highly attractive to both thieves and vandals.

However, there are a number of simple security measures which any business owners can employ to reduce the likelihood of crime occurring against their shop-fronts. Here are three of the most common we recommend our customers consider.

1. Installing Roller Shutters

Steel or aluminium roller shutters are an excellent security measure that protects shop fronts from all attacks. SRL provide a wide range of choices, including aluminium roller shutters that can be coated to match branding colours etc. 

The great advantage of solid steel or aluminum roller shutters over all other forms of security is that they cannot be penetrated at all, and also work as a deterrent against criminal attempts due to their high visibility. Roller shutters also provide protection during weather related events.

We also recommend that customers secure shutters at the bottom of the shop front as well, using a physical lock welded to the bottom rail of the shutter. This increases the security of the shutter and reduces the possibility of someone trying to “hotwire” the electrical mechanism.

2. Shop Front Bollards

With the increase of “Smash-’n-grab” raids, many shops opted to install concrete or metal posts outside the shop front to deter vehicles being used to penetrate shops or banks by shattering the window glass.

The advantage of these bollards is that they do not disrupt foot traffic and are set deeply into concrete at regular intervals, to ensure they cannot be uprooted. Some shop fronts have been able to make use of more aesthetic designs, depending on the business premises, such as organic boulders or brightly coloured plant pots.

Whilst bollards do prevent car crime against shop fronts, they do not prevent passers by attacking or using other hand held weapons. It is also not a given that shop fronts can be protected in such as way. The area where bollards are to be installed needs to be owned by the business in question. For many shops on the high street, this simply is not the case. Even so, permission from the local authority is likely to be needed before installing bollards.

3. Secure your Glass

It is important that all shop fronts make the glass of the shop fronts as secure as possible. Security glass is one option. Tougher and more resilient than safety glass, durable security glass panels cannot be shattered and can greatly reduce the likelihood of a break in. Because the security glass incorporates penetration resistant films, even if the glass cracks, burglars still can’t gain entry. The tough plastic interlayer is too flexible to break under blows, and so retains the glass shards.

The disadvantages of security glass are that it can be very expensive and weighty to install. There are occasions when existing window frames can not bear the extra weight of the glass or are too small for the new panels to fit, leading to a need to expensively replace full frames.

A cheap alternative, is to retro-fit window laminate to existing glass. This has the effect of toughening the existing glass, and retaining shards in the event of an attack. However, with both security laminate and security glass, after an attack you will still need to replace the glass to remove the unsightly evidence of broken, shattered glass.

4 .Talk to the Security Experts

At SRL we are experts in creating secure solutions for shop and business owners. We believe that our security roller shutters offer the best possible solution for our customers. If you have any questions or would like to talk to an expert about your security needs, contact us today.


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