Seeing Is Believing: Bi-Fold Patio Doors Will Add A New Dimension To Your Home Or Business

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The ability to make the interior and exterior of a building feel as one and bring more light and ventilation into properties has been hampered by the design of windows until recently.

Sliding patio doors common in the 1970s were generally reliable and effective, but they only had the potential to open up and ventilate 50% of the space. French windows have been around even longer, however, there are limitations with their size. They certainly capable of bringing light into a room, but they can’t take full advantage of all the available space.
The introduction of bi-fold doors has now solved many of the problems that beset designers and architects. Bi-fold patio doors are flexible and adaptable and give designers the ability to create custom designs that can complement a home or building’s architectural style and also help to define and build a stronger connection with the outdoor living space.

Bi-fold doors or folding sliding doors as they’re also referred to are a refinement on the concept of the concertina door with which we’re all familiar.

Concertina doors were originally designed to separate two rooms, but because of their feeble construction, they were not suitable for use of exterior walls. Bi-folding patio doors have addressed this issue. Their sturdy construction, high levels of security and ease of operation make them extremely attractive and appealing. They allow the maximum levels of light to enter buildings, and also offer privacy when it is needed. Because of their solid construction and ease of use, bi-folding sliding doors are ideal for both homes and businesses that want the option of enjoying a greater feeling of light and that want to turn the outside space into another usable room.

SRL’s standard bi-fold doors are constructed with Senior Architectural Systems thermally-broken SPW400 high-quality profiles.

This ensures durability and long life whatever the weather. They also guarantee a modern and stylish look and provide the very best heat and sound insulation qualities.  Our bi-fold patio doors are constructed from 70mm slim-line profiles, and come up to 6 metres wide as standard. Floating sliding mullions provide stability and easy glide operation, whilst multipoint locking ensures the highest levels of security on the main door, with shoot bolt locking on the intermediate stiles. Our 32mm internally glazed sealed units are thermally efficient and increase security.

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