Self-Coiling Aluminium Roller Shutters: The Visible And Proven Security Deterrent

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What’s the biggest worry for shopkeepers and High Street businesses?

Is it a lack of footfall and competition from the big out-of-town shops? Well, naturally these are concerns that undoubtedly trouble businesses especially when the economy’s stretched. But the biggest concern for most businesses these days is security.

It becomes an even bigger worry during a recession, and no doubt causes many a troubled night’s sleep.

That’s because many modern commercial properties often store expensive equipment and materials. Therefore, they naturally become an obvious target for thieves.

The problem facing shop owners is that whilst they appreciate that security measures will need to be introduced to secure their property, they don’t want those security measures interfering or obstructing their day-to-day business activities. That’s why self-coiling aluminium roller shutters have proved to such a success. Aluminium roller shutters are ideal because they offer added security, without disrupting every-day business. They can be rolled down to secure premises, and rolled up and out of the way during working hours.

Commercial self-coiling aluminium roller shutters:

are secure, convenient and affordable, and have been specifically designed to be robust and highly-resistant to intruders. SRL’s proven self-coiling aluminium roller shutters are designed to protect and secure shop-fronts, door-fronts, windows, patio doors, bars, serving hatches, reception areas and catering counters. All the positive feedback we’ve received from satisfied customers confirms what we’ve known all along, and that’s that our aluminium roller shutters do the job, and they do it effectively.

Aluminium roller shutters offer a more attractive and stylish alternative to traditional steel roller shutters. Our self-coiling aluminium roller shutters are powder-coated and available in a wide range of standard colours. Our self-coiling aluminium roller shutters are also light, durable, and highly resistant to corrosion and atmospheric damage.

If your business is looking for added security for your commercial premises, then you should really speak to SRL Ltd, Manchester’s leading aluminium roller shutter manufacturer. SRL design and manufacture a range of self-coiling aluminium roller shutters suitable for medium to heavy use that provide first-class security and protection. We manufacture aluminium roller shutter doors for shop fronts, doors, windows, and garages to guarantee security and insurance approved to LPS 1175. SRL’s self-coiling aluminium roller shutters can be manufactured with manual or electric operation, uncoated or coated and in a wide range of colour finishes to suit any security-aware and image-conscious business.

From manufacturing and installation to maintenance and servicing, SRL LIMITED is the complete ‘one stop shop’ for all your self-coiling aluminium roller shutter and grille requirements. With over 30 years’ experience in the field we know what we’re talking about. We manufacture, supply, install and maintain all types of commercial doors and aluminium roller shutters across the UK, and aim to ensure that our products out-perform rival doors and roller shutters in terms of quality, function, finish and price.


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