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Burglary accounts for £120M worth of shrinkage in the UK, according to a report by the Centre for Retail Research.

Shrinkage is stock lost through crime or waste in the retail industry. This figure represents an alarming 5% increase from last year.
Crime data released by the Office for National Statistics also indicates that, across all business sectors, wholesale and retail premises are the most likely to experience vandalism.

From graffiti spraying to smashed window displays, this sector reported 189,000 of the 333,000 incidents of vandalism recorded.

These days, robbers are getting more brazen, moving from quick smash and grab raids to threatening shop owners and customers with weapons. From London to Manchester, there are daily reports of the antics of unscrupulous elements.

This is why protecting your place of business with the right security equipment is so vital. In the midst of these statistics, the announcement by Bradford Council, asking shopkeepers on a busy street in the city centre to take down their screens is incredulous. The reason? ‘Steel screens and shutters go against the local authority’s policy for the conservation area’. Red-tape gone bonkers! The recent robbery of a local shop in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, shows why going for the best type of security measure is the only way forward. The robber managed to duck under the shutter while it was being lowered to attack the shopkeeper. On the flip side, the use of high-speed electric roller shutters helped a jewellery store in New Bond Street, London foil a potential robbery of thousands of pounds. The difference between these two incidents was speed. Many shops still use manual roller shutters to protect their property and business.

Manual roller shutters are lowered using a winding mechanism, or crank.

Some people choose this type of closing mechanism in order to keep their carbon footprint small and stay as green as possible. This, however, doesn’t help when speed is of the essence.

In an effort to go green, would you use wooden shutters? Doesn’t sound practical, does it? So, it’s best not to compromise the safety of your stock. Bear in mind that the use of steel shutters doesn’t automatically guarantee that your premises are safe. When buying, ensure that the steel is reinforced and that the slats are not easy to pull apart from the outside. Depending on the way you want your shop displayed, you can also get aluminium roller shutters with solid, perforated or punched designs. The shutters can also be manufactured in aluminium with an anodised or powder coated finish. One accessory that is ordered more often is a remote control for your electric roller shutter. This will give you the freedom to quickly open and close your shop from a safe distance.

Ultimately, you may be concerned about prices.

While the many options for roller shutters carry different price tags, going with a steel door offers the best ROI. While fibreglass has better insulation properties and wood offers better green credentials, fibreglass is expensive to install. Wood, on the other hand, offers little to no security protection.

For further information on electric roller doors that offer top-notch security, please contact SRL Limited today. We promise to supply doors that can accommodate the size of your shop front and can be painted to look as attractive as possible.

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