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Here at SRL Ltd. we specialise in the design, manufacture, assembly and installation of several types of roller security shutters and grilles.

Maybe you are wondering why are there so many and what’s the difference?

All the various roller shutter types are designed to cater to different sized areas but also they are needed for different levels of security necessities. We provide one of the most extensive ranges in the UK of high quality security shutters and grilles. When determining your needs you need to think about the hazards and risks logistically of your premises.

Is the premises situated inside a building monitored with CCTV and security guards e.g The Trafford centre?

  • Is there a risk of ram-raiding or attack with tools?
  • Do you store highly flammable products at risk of explosion?
  • Do you need to maintain temperature control in premises?
  • Are aesthetics important?
  • Do you need to give 24-hour visual marketing?
  • Is space an issue?
  • What precisely is the roller shutter going to be adhered to?

The security guaranteed by our roller shutters can only be assured depending on how and where they are fitted. Some of the buildings that our customers want the roller shutters fitting to, can pose complications as the structures can be a problem and extra steel work may be required to ensure the products work efficiently. SRL Ltd will always try to stipulate the very best shutter or grille for your specification we do not just supply on demand for the sake of taking an order and lining our pockets.

We offer competitive prices on our range of roller shutters which include:

    • Electric Roller Shutter Doors.
    • Self-Coiling Aluminium roller shutters.
    • Industrial Steel Roller Shutters.
    • Expanding Internal Office Grilles.
    • Steel Hinged Doors.
    • Aluminium Brickbond Roller Shutter Doors.
    • Insulated Roller Shutter Doors.
    • Fire Rated Roller Shutter Doors.
    • Sectional Overhead Doors.
    • Continental Domestic Roller Shutter Doors.
    • Polycarbonate transparent electric roller shutter doors.

Where roller shutters are installed you need to ensure that all the exits and entrances are signposted and that they are never any blockages over them, as this could cause a fire hazard and slow people down as they are trying to leave the building.

There are strict guidelines to follow under the HSE as employees can be injured using roller shutters incorrectly. Electric roller shutters are a piece of machinery and must comply with the “supply of machinery directive” and regular CPD training is needed to maintain the safety. All staff should be fully briefed and trained on how to operate industrial roller shutter doors – they are often automatic and extremely heavy devices that should not be messed with or operated with complacency.

SRL Ltd is a successful manufacturer of roller shutters and roller grilles and takes pride in the delivery of a high quality service and products.

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