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In the case of any building, unforeseen events such as wind damage and vandalism can cause obvious problems for the businesses which occupy them. Whatever the cause, it can be expensive and time-consuming to fix damage to shopfronts as any construction being held is quite literally on your doorstep – and this can be aggravating not only to the business as a whole but to customers too.

Specialists such as ourselves are fully equipped and trained to take on a variety of remedial tasks, repairs and renovations needed as a consequence of vandalism, poor weather or general wear and tear. Whilst damage of any kind is rarely expected, it’s always a good idea to have a phone number handy of a reputable company who can take care of the issue for you swiftly and cost-efficiently.

Weather damage

Weather damage to shop fronts is usually more common in the later months of the year and can range from moderate to extreme damage. Whilst it may be an unwelcome interruption to business as usual, it’s a considerably smarter choice to fix the problem as soon as possible as even small cracks and holes can quickly escalate and become dangerous and costly issues to resolve.

Windows and doors

If any of your windows and doors are weather damaged, firstly it’s important to check how bad the damage is to ensure what kind of treatment needed to fix them. If the damage is minor then a replacement part for whatever is damaged will be satisfactory, however, if the damage is severe a new window or door may be necessary. As windows and doors are your main source of protection against burglary, you’ll want to ensure that they are safe and secure. Calling in a professional to fix any damage done is the most efficient choice for your business, for both safety and security purposes.


As roofing is your main source of shelter, if any part of your roof or building architecture is weather damaged, a professional will be required to fix the problem to avoid considerable damage to goods, products, furniture and electrical equipment. Roofing issues can quickly escalate, resulting in a significant remedial bill on top of the cost of reinstating anything damaged. In winter months, severe weather conditions including strong winds are a big problem for roofing systems. If your tiling is badly affected, go for a stronger, more resilient choice (a professional will be able to advise you on this). Regular check-ups should be scheduled for your roofing whatever the weather to ensure any broken tiles or roof parts can be fixed immediately – as this is also a potential health and safety problem.


Recurring and sporadic vandalism is a common problem for companies with shopfronts, especially in high streets – and it can become an ongoing issue for many businesses if they are repeatedly targeted.

The damage caused by vandalism can really create financial difficulty as depending on the severity of the vandalism, it can be an expensive problem to fix.

Broken windows

Purposefully broken windows can be more expensive to remedy because the damage is intentional, and is usually quite extreme. This not only effects your business financially, but it isn’t welcoming for your customers either. Luckily, broken windows can be easily fixed depending on their size, nature and location, but as they are on the outside of your property, they are unavoidably noticeable to the public eye and to potential customers. Broken windows can be fixed by a professional company (some with rapid 24 hour callout services).


Although graffiti has secured a name for itself in the art world in recent years, it’s certainly not welcome on business premises – and especially not customer-facing shopfronts. Graffiti can literally be anything, from a black scrawl to a fully-fledged rainbow design – and this makes it an increasingly taxing problem for high street businesses, as your shop front is the first impression of a business that people get. Graffiti can be easy to remove on glass with a brush and some soapy water, however on a brickwork or a shop front made from timber or metal, it becomes a problem. To ensure a successful removal you must identify the type of surface the graffiti is on and remove with the correct method, bearing in mind that graffiti paints sometimes have different compositions and therefore might need alternative approaches and solvents to be fully removed. Different methods include painting over the graffiti, chemical removers and pressure washing – many companies specialise in cleaning graffiti and will be best placed to advise which method should be used. Afterwards be sure to apply a protective coating to ensure similar situations can be avoided.


Burglaries are common in businesses and can be prevented in a number of ways. Double glazing can deter burglaries through broken windows as double glazing comprises of stronger, more resilient glass and takes a lot more to break through. Doors can be broken down and locks destroyed during a break in, so it’s important to ensure that you have regular checks conducted on your security system and make sure that everything is working correctly. Whatever security system you have, be it a good old-fashioned padlock or a full-on camera and electric locking system, the best way to prevent burglaries is to purchase the most reliable and best quality system you can. It may be expensive, but in the long run it is definitely worth the money to prevent expensive valuables being stolen and save the resulting cost of fixing damaged doors and windows, in addition to securing insurance pay-outs by installing adequately preventative measures.

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