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Steel has been a manufacturing juggernaut for hundreds of years. First used in the 13th century BC and then throughout history (including during the Industrial Revolution for the construction of the first skyscrapers and heavy machinery) this versatile alloy is strong, durable and malleable. Even with new products on the market such as aluminium and titanium, steel is still widely used in a variety of situations and applications thanks to these enduring qualities. At SRL we use steel extensively – both to manufacture our products and as components to ensure that they are of the best possible quality with long life spans. Here we share just a few of our products with you and explain how steel strengthens and enhances them – structurally and aesthetically.

Steel fire doors and frames

Fire doors and the frames surrounding them keep staff and customers safe in the event of an emergency – but they also protect commercial property from fire and smoke damage. Made from strong, fire-retardant materials, they are designed to stand the test of time and provide adequate protection in a worst-case scenario. Steel is highly regarded as the best material for this application, because of its natural strength and durability. It’s also much easier to maintain and can last for thirty years or more compared with other materials such as fibreglass and aluminium. Fire doors are subject to stringent testing and regulation – so they must always be manufactured and fitted by professionals.

Roller shutters

Steel’s strength makes it the ideal choice for security features such as roller shutters and barriers. Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, steel roller shutters can be made to measure and to satisfy a range of individual specifications – including fire resistance and extra strength. A variety of designs are available both aesthetically and structurally – with different types of operation available including manual and automatic. Steel roller shutters can also be personalised in a colour or design to match your branding using powder coating.

Casement windows

Classic casement windows have experienced a comeback in recent years – now modernised with a slick, contemporary feel. Whilst casement windows are often made from aluminium, galvanised steel is often added to frames to provide additional strength and stability. Sturdy stainless steel fixtures also ensure that casement windows remain low maintenance and look great for longer. Just like our roller shutters, casement windows can be powder coated to suit your design for both commercial and domestic applications.

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