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Often underestimated and understated, structural glass has been a popular design feature and practical element of new builds and redevelopments for some time now. Getting to grips with its wide range of uses and applications could be highly beneficial for your company’s profitability or convenience or your home life. But what exactly is structural glass, and how can you use it to maximum effect?

What is structural glass?

The term ‘structural glass’ actually encompasses a broad range of products and applications. Essentially it refers to frameless glass assembly – which is usually incorporated in a structural capacity in a large room or building, internally or externally. Structural glass is a mainstay for contemporary architectural designs – both domestically and commercially. Its clean, light finish, unique appearance and various aesthetic and practical benefits have contributed to its popularity amongst homeowners and commercial architects alike. Specialist products are used for structural applications – as glass must be strong, tough and even self-cleaning to ensure it remains safe and visually appealing.

How can structural glass be used in commercial and domestic applications?

As glass is inherently versatile this term covers applications of all shapes, sizes and natures. For example, structural glass can be used to create a transparent flat roof in the home, as part of an impressive mezzanine floor in a city skyscraper or as a ‘wall’ between interior spaces or separating outdoor space. Box extensions are specialist types of builds comprised only of glass walls – perfect for businesses and homes who need extra space that blurs the line between inside and out – with plenty of bright natural light to boot.

The benefit of structural glass for retailers is extensive – as demonstrated in the visual examples of our recent work for Pandora. Here structural glass helps the store to stand out against a backdrop of similar-looking shop fronts, clearly displaying what’s inside to entice customers to enter and spend.

What are the benefits of structural glass?

As discussed, there are numerous benefits of glass both practically and visually. However it’s important to also think about environmental benefits, too. Glass can be produced sustainably – usually it is cut to size or specially manufactured for the application in question. Glass is also incredibly eco-friendly – thanks to cutting-edge innovations in its creation and composition. This means that construction projects created entirely from structural glass or incorporating it as an element of their design can enjoy a range of benefits that can be tailored based on the application. UV glass for example ensures that your property is well insulated and can reduce glare from the sun, whilst self-cleaning glass ensures that your installation is always in tip-top condition.

Considering a structural glass installation? Talk to the experts at SRL to get the ball rolling on your project today.

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