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Sometimes the property your business resides in or its surrounding environment can pose a troublesome problem to redevelopment or exterior design. Often planning permission, listed statuses and conservation efforts can act as a roadblock to the refresh and revamp you feel your commercial premises need to grow, develop and reach your objectives.

Yet complications and restrictive regulations in planning and placement don’t need to interfere or obstruct your plans for a revamped appearance – take a look at our advice below.

Always check what you can and can’t do first

Of course the first step is to liaise with the relevant authorities regarding your building. There’s nothing worse than disappointment (or wasted money) arising from negligence or lack of awareness regarding what is acceptable and what may not be allowed in relation to your property.

Getting expert designers and builders on board such as ourselves with experience in this field guarantees that you’ll be fully protected from any unwanted surprises further down the line which could have been prevented with some planning and consultation early on.

Design with objectives and constraints in mind to achieve a compromise

Once permission has been granted and the relevant professionals have been involved and consulted, you can then begin to scope out a design based on their recommendations and advice. Although some buildings are bound tightly by the regulations surrounding them, most listed properties can be adapted with commercial use in mind and remaining in-keeping with the surrounding environment can actually add to your business rather than take away from it.

Small details can be eye-catching

It’s a myth that garish signage and all-over cladding are the only ways to demand the attention of passers-by. In fact subtle, understated additions and colour schemes can be incredibly effective and make a substantial difference. It’s all about understanding the nature of your business and your objectives in line with the surrounding environment and any restrictions placed upon your property. Once all work in harmony together you can produce a highly effective shopfront or exterior design scheme which will successfully increase footfall and puts your business on the map.

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