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Looking for a cost-effective, high-security door?

Steel hinged doors provide a solution to securing commercial, industrial and agricultural Buildings.

SRL Ltd Steel hinged doors are easily constructed for fire escape doors or high-security access doors. They are Cost Effective, Pre Finished & Tough!

Our doors are designed to sustain the stresses and strains of today’s industrial and commercial environments.

SRL Ltd steel hinge doors are simply fitted internally or externally and are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. We have a high standards and over 30 years’ experience, all our products are manufactured from high-grade materials and components throughout, to guarantee years of use with aesthetically pleasing good looks. We provided single or double doors, flat or panelled, left or right handed, inside or outside commercial & Industrial Steel Hinged Doors.
Steel is a favourite metal to use for hinges of all types. It is deemed comparatively cheap, extremely strong and durable.

A little bit of history about steel.

Early civilizations initially avoided using iron which is the basic component of steel, due to the extremely high temperatures (2800 f) required to melt in its pure form. It wasn’t until the second Millennium BC, around 1400 BC, that civilisation found a way to adequately heat iron to the searing temperatures need so that it could be formed into swords and other tools. Soon after, steel was discovered, an alloy of iron and carbon that is stronger and theoretically sharper than iron alone.

There are lots of different steel alloys, but one, in particular, is used when it comes to hinges-stainless steel. This consists of at least 10.5 chromium, which reacts with O2 in the air to form a very thin film of chromium oxide on the surface of the steel. This oxide develops a protective layer, preventing the steel inside from being exposed to any other elements which may cause a reaction, hence stainless steel being corrosion proof.

All our doors can also be painted, treated and powder coated in a wide range of colours and finishes. We have a speedy turn around for powder coating and we are the main provider for powder coating services for many other companies in the North West and throughout the UK.

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