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The facade of your premises is usually the first thing that a customer lays eyes on and whether it’s representing a small or large company, making the effort to achieve an appealing and attractive shop front should unequivocally be one of your continuous goals in the journey for a successful retail business. A shopfront can have a massively positive effect on company image and provides a brilliant source of information to potential customers regarding the quality and reliability of your business. If your business is relatively new you may be short of customer contact – and a simple way to attract customers to your premises in particular over a more established (or fresh) competitor is improving impression that your shopfront gives. If the facade of your business is quite noticeably run down, customers are likely to get the impression that your business is not professional or legitimate – but a clean, well-maintained shopfront is guaranteed to pull customers in – meaning increased engagement and better sales as a result.

If you’re looking to transform your shopfront in a significant way, you may be considering a complete reconstruction. There are a number of suitable materials to sample that are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective:


Aluminium is a brilliant material for the aesthetics of building construction as whilst it is a strong material, it is also lightweight which greatly reduces construction costs. It’s undoubtedly a smart choice as it looks great and can easily be manipulated to fit any premises. The only downside is that it is not a material that holds heat in well, so bills may rise in the winter months.


Timber is a visually appealing material and is, therefore, a suitable option for many types of shopfront – however, rot can set in if timber is regularly exposed to moisture and isn’t properly maintained. It is fundamental that the timber frame for your shop front is constructed properly – as a rotting shop front is the last thing you want potential customers viewing. It is imperative that the quality of construction is checked beforehand and that the timber is correctly damp-proofed as if the timber does become affected, severe damage could occur and the resulting repair work could cost more than the actual construction.

Don’t forget about retail advertisement

Aside from the physical construction and materials used in the structure of your shopfront, it’s important not to forget about external elements of a different kind which could positively benefit your business. This is your ultimate chance to show what your business is all about. Display your best goods and products in your shop window, as this will communicate the full potential of your business to passing customers. Keep the display limited, as an overflowing, confusing collection of items can be overwhelming and could drive people away as a result of the ‘inundation effect’. Keep your best-selling goods in view to attract customers and increase sales. Additionally, ensure that whatever you are showing off is presented in the best possible way – as keeping your shopfront clean is a guaranteed way to earn a good reputation in the retail business. Looking through a dirty window is an unappealing and all too common experience for consumers, yet a clean and well-kept shopfront is certain to set you aside from the rest.

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