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Most curtain walls are constructed using Aluminium – and because of its unique qualities this lightweight, strong material has various uses across many sectors. In this blog we explore just how this incredible material is changing the world – not just in the construction and architecture industries but also in engineering, manufacturing and medicine.

Aluminium is a powerful alloy

Aluminium is almost always used as an alloy. Sometimes these alloys are as much as 99.9% Aluminium – yet the additional material adds beneficial qualities. It’s commonly paired with Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Silicone.

Aluminium is inexpensive and abundant

Aluminium is the most naturally abundant metal found on earth. This means that compared with other metals it is more cost-effective – especially because of its strength, longevity and durability.

Aluminium is strong and weather-resistant

Aluminium has a low density – which means it is lightweight. However it is also incredibly strong – and for this reason, it’s suitable for use in skyscrapers, jumbo jets and rollercoasters.

As it doesn’t react with oxygen in the same way as other metals, Aluminium isn’t prone to rust and corrosion like some of its counterparts. Most materials become brittle at low temperatures – but the opposite is true for Aluminium. In fact its strength increases – which is why it’s a great structural material.

Aluminium has incredibly varied uses

Aluminium is versatile – and it’s easily moulded and manipulated which allows for its many uses. Each day, you’ll probably come into contact with over one hundred items which contain or are made with Aluminium – from kitchen foil and your car to your computer and mobile phone – it could even be present structurally in the property you live in. From an architectural perspective, this is great, as Aluminium can change the shape of structures and opens doors for more alternative designs.

It’s also a great conductor of heat and electricity yet boasts half the weight of copper – opening up various other functions.

Aluminium is eco-friendly

Aluminium is easily recyclable – which makes it incredibly eco-friendly. This, in turn, helps you as a business to lower your carbon footprint simply by incorporating this versatile material into your exterior design. As curtain walls possess a whole host of other environmental benefits this could have a significantly positive impact for your business financially.

We specialise in using Aluminium and other materials to create bespoke, durable shop fronts and curtain walls for a range of applications.


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