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From shop fronts to the your local GP, we pass roller shutters everyday.

Originally used to safeguard shops and barns, roller shutters have found their way into domestic use.


Made from stainless steel or aluminium, today’s roller shutters are designed to blend easily with the appearance of your home.

Over the years, roller shutters have undergone a lot of R & D. These days, you can unlock your roller shutters from your phone, install sensors that lower your shutters when the sun goes down, even use cosmetic developments so that the shutters resist weathering.

When properly installed, they are almost impregnable, providing safety for you and your loved ones. The design and amount of ventilation they allow through depends on the slat type, size, and material.

Widely regarded as one of the smart upgrades you can create for your home, roller shutters serve multiple functions, including:

  • Deterrent to intruders.
  • Light & noise reduction.
  • Heat reduction.

Besides aesthetics and temperature regulation, roller shutters also come in different operating configurations which affects how they work:

Manual Roller Shutters.

These can be controlled using a strap or winder. This low power solution provides a cost-effective, green solution for your home.

Spring Loaded Roller Shutters are used for shop fronts and lock using a key.

Electric Roller Shutters.

These shutters use an internal motor to make opening and closing quick and easy. While some homeowners worry about the impact of these shutters on your energy bill, experts say there is no cause for concern. The motor used is hooked up to your electricity supply for total control within the comfort of your home.

Remote Controlled Electric Roller Shutters.

In this configuration, the controls for the shutters are housed in a hand-held receiver. This allows you to control even hard to reach windows from up to two metres away.

Shutters fitted with motorised shutters can be moved independently to create a breeze or create a more secure shutter when closed.

They are:

  • Accordion Shutters used on balconies.
  • Renovation Roller Shutters strictly used on the outside window frame.
  • Combined Window Shutters.

Unlike other home modifications where the initial fitting is costly, installing roller shutters is relatively affordable. The good news is that it helps increase the property value as roller shutters appeal to security-conscious buyers.

Other benefits of electric shutters include:

  • Obstacle detection: The motor will automatically stop if any obstacles get in the way, keeping your family safe from harm.
  • Frost protection: The slats will automatically stop if frozen to prevent damage and keep your shutters running for longer.
  • Being Tamper Resistant: The shutter cannot be lifted from the outside thanks to its rigid links. Your home’s security can be reinforced further by fitting the roller shutter with stiff links, which are resistant to a lifting force of up to 100kg.
  • Relatively stress free: Being built to last, the motor is fully sealed, meaning there is no exposure to the elements that can cause the leading to corrosion, so the unit is maintenance free.

Electric roller shutters can provide an extra deterrent to burglars.


Remote control shutters can usually be configured to controlled to work from one receiver. The convenience and security of remote controlled roller shutters make them a wise home upgrade.

If you are ready to install manual or electric roller shutters, contact SRL Limited. They are a top supplier of roller shutters in the North West. They have a team of experts that will offer excellent service at a great price. Be sure to contact them for your roller shutter requirements.

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