The Benefits Of Having An Energy Efficient Business

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A few years ago, it was really ‘fashionable’ to spout the eco-friendly agenda.

Green, Green, Green; everywhere you went, everyone claimed to be eco-friendly. Even the PM proclaimed that he wanted to make the UK the most energy-efficient country in Europe, but nowadays, there is a lack of coherent central government thinking about it. Even the PM has backtracked and scaled back on the government programmes to that effect.

We are only five years away from the Vision 2020 goals of lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, generating 20% of primary energy from renewable sources and achieving 20% primary energy savings relative to the 2007 projections. Yet with the powers that be changing their tunes, the UK isn’t likely to hit those targets.

With the UK ranked 6th among the world’s most energy-efficient countries, do the government see the benefits?

Increased job creation opportunities, lower energy-related public expenditure, energy security, potential income from exporting energy, and other macroeconomic benefits; and you wonder why we are not doing more.

On the domestic front, many homeowners have adopted the use of smart meters and most are savvy enough to switch away from unfavourable contracts. But in our businesses, while 90% of small businesses would like to become more energy efficient, they are stifled by a lack of support from energy companies.

The small business sector already has an annual energy bill of over £3 billion and it’s appalling that records show that British businesses waste as much as 30% of their energy. Through ‘leaky’ doors and windows, the use of energy-draining office equipment and staff that leave appliances on, we are paying for energy we waste everyday.

From the 200, 000 energy saving recommendations given over the past 13 years, the Carbon Trust has found that the simplest recommendations of changes in lighting and heating can result in bill reductions of up to 25% to 30%. With an average internal rate of return of 48%, payback is usually within three years and in many cases, the savings can be more. By using tweaks as simple as changing the type of glass in the doors and windows, businesses can recover huge profits.

It’s odd to think your bottom line can be made healthier using only the bare minimum, but it’s true. And the benefits extend beyond monetary savings.

By creating an energy efficient business, you’ll be saving more than you know:

  • Your business will enjoy enhanced employee productivity due to comfort provided by improved lighting conditions.
  • Upgrading equipment leads to reduced operations and maintenance costs, while also saving staff time.
  • Green credentials will enhance your public image as customers have a positive perception of businesses that make the effort to go green. It can even help you land new customers, if they share those values.
  • If you own your building premises, you’ll enjoy higher market values as your operating costs are lower.

Yes, something as simple as upgrading your doors and windows has so many benefits. If you can afford it, go the whole hog and retro-fit the building and install solar panels too. If you are working on a budget, start with a simple thermally-efficient front door.

Stop waiting for the ideal business environment or latest government announcement to go greener. You already know the benefits you can reap extend far beyond cost savings. For a consultation on how we can help reduce your carbon foot print, contact SRL limited today.

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