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Keeping your business secure is essential. The cost of property damage and the business disruption following a burglary can seriously affect a business. Protecting a property is a paramount concern, but where should you start and which security options should you invest in?

Here are some of the best ways to keep your business premises secure from criminal activity.

Roller Shutters

Whatever your business, whether you own a shop, warehouse or hair salon, roller shutters are a fantastic way to keep your premises secure. They act as a shield to physically prevent burglars from entering a premises, helping to keep any business safe and secure.

On top of that, Roller Shutters act as a visual deterrent, hiding expensive goods from the view of opportunistic thieves, and deterring intruders from attempting to access to your premises.

Alternatively, if you want to have your products on show for window shoppers, transparent roller shutters or grill shutters can be fitted, that allow customers to see your goods, whilst maintaining a secure shop front.

Another bonus of roller shutters is that installation can, in some circumstances, reduce your annual commercial property insurance. Insurance-approved roller shutters are regarded by the insurance industry as a guarantee of premises security, which has a significantly impact on property insurance rates.

CCTV and Alarm Systems

Installing a quality alarm system is a must for any business, but alongside an alarm system, CCTV can also be an excellent deterrent. If your premises is very obviously well secured with a clearly advertised CCTV and alarm system, burglars do think twice before attempting illegal entry.

For many insurance policies, the fitting of an alarm system is a prerequisite, but it is the wisest choice for a security conscious business owner. And should an intruder attempt to gain access, not only will an alarm system inform authorities, but the CCTV system will provide images of the suspects to the police, aiding identification and prosecution.

Know who you are employing and who your visitors are

It’s commonly known that for businesses, not all security threats come from outside intruders. As much as all business owners want to trust the staff they employ, a high percentage of retail crime originates from employees, or is enacted by supposed legitimate visitors to a retail or business site. It’s wise, therefore to know who is entering and leaving your business premises at all times.

Employee theft does, sadly,  happen, so it is important to manage stock correctly and consider implementing CCTV within premises.

Tracking visitors entering and leaving your building can mean having a manned reception desk with a signing in/out book or visitor pass system. Or alternatively using a key card system for unmanned entry points.

These measures can seem a bit “Big Brother” particularly if they aren’t explained correctly to staff, but they do ensure that only authorised personnel and employees can enter your business premises. They will help keep your staff safer, and definitely deter illegal activity from anyone entering the premises.

Securing and marking valuable items

Thieves are opportunistic. A mobile phone, laptop, tablet or a high value item of any kind, left unattended and unsecured is an easy target.

Ensuring all portable or mobile devices are always secured or locked away reduces the likelihood of opportunistic theft. Additionally, using a property identification system is another good idea. Invisible pens or lasers can mark valuable items, making them difficult to sell on, and easy to identify as stolen. On top of this, the make, model and serial number of any valuable business item should be recorded. This will help ensure that any stolen valuables can be tracked and returned easily.

External Deterrents

As well as roller shutters, or grills on your shop front, security lighting can really make a difference in deterring would-be burglars, especially if you have a car park. Well lit and highly visible external areas, particularly supported by CCTV make it harder for intruders to enter without being noticed. They also make your staff feel more secure when arriving or leaving, especially on dark nights, or in winter evenings.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial property insurance is essential for any business. It can prove costly, but by adding security measures, such as roller shutters, you can greatly reduce your premiums. Which makes the additional measures we have mentioned really worth the additional investment.

For more information about securing your shop front or business premises talk to us at SRL to get free, impartial advice on the best course of action to give you peace of mind.

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