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Where glazed roofs were once reserved for grand palaces and luxurious homes, they are now a fantastic way to brighten up any property. In this article we explain how and why installing these innovative additions can have a range of benefits.

Innovative glass roofs can make conservatories less inhospitable

Conservatories are great spaces ideal for hosting guests and spending time with the family – they extend into the garden and combine the outdoors with interior space. For this reason they’re a popular addition to any home. However homeowners often find they can’t use their conservatories as much as they’d like to – due to unbearable heat in the summer, and inescapable cold in the winter. A glass roof can combat this, using specialist solar control glass. This innovative product reduces the amount of heat that can pass through it into your conservatory during warmer months, whilst enabling the temperature to rise quickly in winter.

Glass roofs are more energy efficient and require less maintenance than traditional counterparts

One surprising benefit of glass roofs is energy efficiency. Compared with a traditional roof structure innovative glass products provide ultra-effective insulation from heat, cold and even noise. This is especially useful in an orangery or conservatory setting, where the temperature can become an unwelcome issue. Glass roofs are also low-maintenance – a welcome benefit for busy homeowners who like their property to look great without the effort, time, expense and hassle often involved. In particular, they triumph over traditional flat roofs, which can suffer from wet weather and leak or require repair periodically. Self-cleaning glass ensures that you’ll always have a clear view, and won’t need to employ someone to clean your glass roof on a regular basis.

A better look – inside and out

This is the principle reason homeowners opt for a glass roof installation. Almost like an extension of the popular skylight, glass roofs allow natural light to pour into a property. They also provide a beautiful clear view – which is much better than the type of clarity offered by plastic composite counterparts. Externally, they can provide a contemporary, clean look ideal for architects working on both new and heritage projects.

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