Three Important Things To Consider When Installing Patio Doors At Home

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Patio doors are a fantastic addition to any home. Versatile and practical they boast an array of aesthetic benefits, making them the perfect way to connect your interior with a garden or outdoor seating area. They’re understandably a popular and simple way to transform a room and brighten up the exterior appearance of your home – but there are a few things you’ll need to consider to make sure you make the right decision. Patio doors are an investment, and choosing quality now will make sure that your family can enjoy them for years to come.


One important motive behind homeowners opting for patio doors is the brightness they bring to a room, and their attractive, versatile appearance. Where there were once limited options regarding the look, size and even texture of patio doors, now there are plenty of designs, colours and materials to choose from. Patio doors can be blended in to any type of design or architecture – whether they’re old-style panelled with traditional stained glass, or contemporary and eco-friendly with brushed steel accessories, aluminium frames and pale grey powder coating. As well as assessing what type of colour and style will suit your home on the outside (perhaps it will need to match other windows and doors), think about your current interior design and whether it will change. This could be the perfect opportunity for a fresh lick of paint or a rework of your current living space.


Although patio doors must be aesthetically pleasing, they’re a main entry point into your property, so they’ll also need to be secure. Modern patio doors can be fitted with sophisticated locking systems, and quality doors are made with robust materials designed to be tough and shatterproof. At SRL we only use quality aluminium, steel and glass to ensure that our doors can keep out the cold, the heat and any unwanted visitors.


Patio doors are popular because they are versatile and have many benefits and uses as entry and exit points to the home. When deciding the type and style of patio door you require, it’s important to consider what the main function of the installation will be. Do you simply want to make it easier for family members to come and go? Is this part of a wider extension of your living space into the garden? Perhaps you’re replacing an old installation, or need to add some much-needed natural light to a room that currently feels dark and dingy. Also consider what else may need to change as a result of the patio door installation – for example, will you need to change the layout of your room or home? Will any other arrangements need to be made? Preparing and planning ahead ensures that the installation goes smoothly, and also guarantees that you can make the most of your new patio doors as soon as possible.

At SRL we specialise in providing quality patio doors with robust frames and glass crafted on site. We also offer bespoke powder coating services, so you can choose from a huge range of shades to suit your requirements. For more details why not get in touch and speak to one of our staff about your project today?

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