Three Key Things To Consider When Overhauling Your Business Security System

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When you’re looking for ways to protect your business, the main thing your mind is the security system. Is it tough enough? Will it withstand the force of a car or a blunt instrument? Who can get in and out? Whilst the main function of a roller shutter, door or lock system is to keep intruders out, it’s also important to consider how security features will impact upon the aesthetic appeal of your business – and get more customers in. In this blog we explain how considering just four key points can help you to protect your business and retain and grow your client base.

What needs to be the function of the installation?

Of course, functionality has to come first. You have to be sure that the installation is going to be fit for purpose – robust enough to ensure that your premises are safe outside trading hours. Perhaps you have one point of entry that you need to protect. Maybe there are many windows and doors that need to be secured. You may have sensitive client data and need to demonstrate that it is adequately protected. The function of your installation dictates its type. Sometimes decorative bars for windows are enough – at other times each door will need a separate shutter.

Security features can also serve as a deterrent. For example, the presence alone of a shutter system, padlocks or visible alarm can prevent burglars from targeting your business in the first place.

How does the security system look?

Although aesthetics don’t often come into the decision-making process regarding business security features, they absolutely should. Without considering how your installation will look, you can’t know whether it could negatively impact the impression you currently give to clients. There is also naturally scope for improvement – perhaps your exterior is looking tired and is in need of a revamp.

If so, this is the perfect opportunity to make a positive change. There may be some types of enhanced security features that you may not have considered – alternatives that could help you to maintain the look and feel of your business without compromise. Structural glass is a great way to ensure that your exterior is difficult to penetrate – yet affords passers-by a glimpse from the outside and allows light to illuminate the inside.

How will it affect your business?

Whatever happens, the outcome of this security installation must be positive for your business. Considering the outcome (and the process) beforehand will help you to put measures in place to ensure that the installation benefits your business in more ways than one. For instance, if you are installing roller shutters, you have the opportunity to revitalise your shop front’s appearance whilst you are closed. If you are remodelling the entire exterior to ensure security, you can also design it to increase footfall simultaneously. It pays to always have the effects your business will experience in mind – positive or negative.

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