Three Safety Issues All Business Owners Need To Know About – And How To Fix Them

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Increasingly businesses with commercial property are coming under close scrutiny, faced with an increasing number of regulations and inspections designed to ensure the safety of people within their premises. As manufacturers of glass and aluminium products we know that safety matters, and have seen the difference a scrupulous supplier can make to a company drowning in red tape first hand. In this blog we share three key types of regulation you should be aware of if you are a business owner or landlord – and how choosing to work with reliable and trusted manufacturers and suppliers pays dividends in the long-run – financially and legally.

Fire doors and frames

Fire safety is an essential aspect of all business agendas. Staff and stock must be protected – and naturally there are regulations placed upon businesses and the products they choose to protect themselves with. Your fire doors and frames must comply with specifications and guidelines set out by the government – and will need to be inspected regularly. The best way to combat expensive repairs or replacement is to invest properly in the first instance. Only choose doors from accredited manufacturers, suppliers and installers – and make sure that the frame and locks also match to avoid compromised safety.

General health and safety

Health and safety is more prevalent in the workplace than ever before – and whilst this is good news, it does mean more red tape and potentially confusing regulations for business owners. Partnering with reputable suppliers and installers can help to combat this. At SRL we manufacture doors, security features and structural glass to the highest safety and quality standards – and we make sure that our customers are well aware of how certain products need to be operated or cared for to ensure they remain effective and secure. Roller shutters are one case in point. Used safely, they are an asset to any business and in some cases a vital security measure. However they can be dangerous if staff aren’t properly trained in how to use them, or necessary maintenance and repairs aren’t carried out in a timely manner.  

Energy performance certificates

If you are a landlord or let out your business premises, you’ll be responsible for getting an Energy Performance Certificate for your property. This lets anyone using it or living in it know how energy efficient the place is – and if you score badly, it could effect the financial viability of offices or commercial space in particular. Opting for insulating next-generation PVC windows and doors fitted with innovative glass can save your business thousands on energy bills – and it’s likely to considerably improve the status of your EPC for future tenants should you decide to lease or sell.

Need expert assistance to ensure that your commercial property stands up to regulations? Get in touch with our friendly team today. We’ve got the experience and know-how to help you to choose cost-effective, quality products to keep your business safe and secure.

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