Three Ways Cost-Effective Curtain Walls Can Save Money

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Curtain walls possess a number of attractive advantages. Aesthetically they are pleasing to the eye, and practically they are lightweight yet strong. However additionally for businesses who want to streamline expenditure and preserve funds they are an especially interesting option. This is particularly important for companies with several properties or large premises which require a lot of attention or generate large bills with high running costs – but it’s not limited to corporate and commercial outfits alone. Many businesses can benefit financially from investment in a quality curtain wall installation – and here’s why.

Budget-friendly materials

Curtain walls are often comprised of cost-effective materials which can be implemented in structures of large sizes for a range of budgets. Glass and aluminium, for example, are inexpensive to source, yet provide structural strength and visual appeal.

Eco-friendly advantages

One of the main eco-friendly advantages of curtain walls is their ability to lock in and retain heat. In cooler winter months this can be massively beneficial for previously draughty buildings with huge energy bills. Similarly this sealed layer keeps warm air and UV rays at bay in the summer time, preventing oven-like conditions inside and enabling the building to retain the cool air generated by air conditioning systems. These versatile properties also dramatically reduce your company’s carbon footprint, as less energy is used overall and the building itself is much more efficient, with the curtain wall acting as a method of insulation.

Future-friendly resilience

Curtain walls also offer external protection from wear and tear and damage from the elements. Often damp weather conditions and erosion over time can prematurely cause stone and brick to soften and crack, whilst previously attractive facades crumble, fade or build up with dirt. A curtain wall acts as a barrier to this, keeping interior features clean and dry whilst keeping potentially damaging elements out.

The waterproof qualities curtain walls bring also protect inner structures from weather- and water-induced damage and deterioration. Specialist sealant prevents any moisture from entering the building behind the curtain wall installation, whilst glass allows water to run straight off and onto the ground without affecting what’s inside.

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