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Your shop front is undoubtedly a vitally important aspect of your business. A selling tool, a first impression, an entrance, an advertisement – it’s where many customer decisions take place before they even set foot within your premises. If you’re thinking about improving the look of your shop front, then perhaps incorporating a few of the tried and tested tips and tricks for improved exterior image below could help you to achieve shop front success.

Small changes make a big difference

It’s not always necessary to completely refurbish a shop front in order to improve its overall appearance. Your shopfront serves a valuable purpose and is really in place for the benefit of your customers – new and existing. With that in mind, a few small changes could suffice to make a better impression whilst you gather funds for a complete overhaul – a fresh look of paint, new glass or newly-designed signage.

Invest in a clearer view

Broken, marked, cloudy or scratched glass can say a lot about your business. For starters, customers can’t clearly see what lies inside without squinting through various imperfections on the glass itself before their eyes reach the goods inside. Glass replacement can seem like a huge undertaking if you’ve got a large shopfront comprised of one or more large sheets – yet in reality glass replacement needn’t be costly and will help you to make a better first impression, hopefully increasing sales in the long run.

Cleanliness is key

It might seem like an obvious point to make, but keeping glass sparkling and fixtures gleaming through cleaning regularly can make a huge difference. A bit of TLC will also help to keep your shopfront in the best possible condition, as rust, rot and mould can set in and do considerable damage even to the most hardy of materials including wood, metal, stone and glass. If you don’t have time or inclination to clean once a week (or at least twice a month) yourself, then specialist cleaning companies are available who deal only with shopfronts and will also know exactly which products to use on which materials.

Safety and security with style

Rusty old shutter units are never particularly pleasing to the eye – especially if they are broken or hanging down obscuring your shop window. Roller shutters are an important installation if you are storing anything valuable on the premises – but at the same time when they are not in use, they shouldn’t really be visible and obstructive to your customers (and your sales). It’s well worth investing in a new shutter system not only for improved security, but improved style, too.

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