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Whether you are investing in a loft conversion to secure more space within your property or simply fancy a new look for your home, window installations and roof modifications can significantly improve the look and feel of your interior. It can sometimes be difficult to transform what was previously a loft or storage area into a warm, inviting living room – and glass plays an integral role in changing the purpose and feel of the space. In this article we share several ways you can ensure that your property’s roof conversion is light, bright and airy using glass – small changes with a significant effect simply as a result of choosing the right type of installation.

A practical and visually appealing choice

Glass was once considered high maintenance, costly and a less practical option compared with other roofing solutions. The trade-off for a more luxurious look was constant cleaning and repeated repairs and upkeep. Now innovative new glass products make it much easier to incorporate glass installations in previously impractical areas of the home such as roof spaces. Self-cleaning glass is one such development – designed to eliminate the need for constant (and costly) maintenance. A special coating reacts with rainwater, washing dirt and grime from the surface without the need for soap or scrubbing. UV glass and tinted glass products prevent rooms from overheating or becoming unbearably cold, whilst triple glazing and insulated glass keep noise from aircraft at bay. Structural glass is incredibly safe and is tougher and more resilient than ever before – making futuristic glass roofs a reality today.

Let the light pour in

Skylights are the perfect option for properties where external borders restrict the flow of natural light. Skylights come in a range of designs and styles, from standard roof installations to grand, orangery-style cloches and contemporary smaller pieces of glass arranged within a flat ceiling for a stunning, stylish effect.

Choose structural glass for a dramatic difference

Structural glass is now a popular choice for use as a ‘roof replacement’ in many modern homes and businesses. This can let in natural light as above, or provide a new perspective for rooms above.

A novel solution

Roof spaces aren’t always small – and some can accommodate larger windows in more traditional styles. Casement windows are a great option for property owners who need to be able to ventilate their roof space and maintain aesthetic appeal both outside and in. You can find examples of previous casement window installations here.

Need a sophisticated solution to help you to make the most of your property? Contact us today to chat with our friendly team about the options available, with a plan designed to suit your individual requirements.

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