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Imagine there are two retailers in your area selling tyres. One is beaten down with grubby signage and a forecourt like a scrapyard. Yet the other is shiny and clean, with rows of plump tyres lining the walls. Which do you choose?

The image you project outwardly to clients (both existing and prospective) undoubtedly matters. The first impression you create is crucial, but the lasting impact and continual message you convey in people’s minds when they see or think of your business are also important. So how do you want your business to be perceived – and is it matching up to that now?

Footfall can be influenced by your exterior appearance

When businesses (small and large) measure their footfall, they find it influenced by a number of factors. External influences have a role to play – weather, time of day, holidays and so forth. Yet it’s undeniable that footfall is also increased (or decreased) depending on how appealing your exterior design is to your target market. As demonstrated in the example above, competitors could be winning the lion’s share of your combined market simply through displaying their goods and brand in a more effective, attractive way.

Design matters

The design of your premises must be carefully considered in order to ensure that the impression you give on the outside is positive – and works hard to win you new business. When properly set up and well thought out it can influence those who would previously have passed by to stop and enter. Design tricks include changing colour schemes and tapping into brand identities (using slick, contemporary design or eye-catching rustic materials, for example). So many elements of design can influence the opinion of a customer – from the colour emotion (different colours invoke different psychological responses) down to the materials used and arrangement of your doors, windows and signage.

Small improvements can make a big difference

An all-out refit isn’t always completely necessary. Sometimes remedial work or the addition of new signage, cladding or windows can have a significant effect on how buyers perceive your company. We suggest sitting down with qualified professionals (such as ourselves at SRL) who have the experience to help you to decide on a design scheme that works, and implement it in a way which is guaranteed to get results with minimal disruption to your business.

For further advice and guidance on shopfront and exterior refurbishment and fit-outs get in touch or browse our Services pages today.

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