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Increasingly the weather is becoming wetter in the UK – and this year’s summer months have largely been washouts. But what does this mean for the health and appearance of your business? In this article we explain how forward planning and enlisting experts to help implement your design can avoid costly maintenance and repair work in the future.

Invest in hardy materials

Some materials just aren’t cut out for poor weather aesthetically or structurally. For example painted wood peels, cracks and warps in bad weather – whilst some types of stone are prone to moss and certain metals rust very easily. It’s important to think about how materials will fare based on your location and previous weather in your area. What’s more, materials which need constant maintenance and even replacement can be costly as well as unsightly.

Certain materials thrive in wetter weather – such as corrosion-protected steel, brick and concrete. The advantage of employing experts is that they can choose the best materials for you in line with your desired design – so you can still achieve the look you need without worrying that it will deteriorate over time.

Think about the aesthetic impact of poor weather and plan ahead

Certain colours also don’t lend themselves to being battered by the elements – or exposed to the sun for too long. When planning your design you’ll need to take into account how the weather will affect and age the exterior over time. If you choose white for example but experience a lot of rain you can expect to be cleaning your premises regularly to remove glaringly visible dirt and grime. Conversely if you opt for a bright pink but have a South-facing shop front you may well need to replace or re-colour it after a time as the sun will inevitably fade the paint or finish. Again, designing for the location and weather you have can avoid or reduce maintenance bills in the future.

Speak to specialists about your design

When you have specialist requirements or any specific concerns regarding an exterior design it’s always best to seek expert advice. With experience and expertise in this field we’ve seen it all – and we’re used to helping businesses find solutions rather than simply saying ‘no’. If you have a project in mind or are considering a shop front redesign get in touch with us to see how we can help your exterior to stand the test of time visually and structurally.

For more expert advice on exterior designs and installations call us today or take a look at our wide range of services here.

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