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Are you looking for an effective and financially viable way to ensure your business premises are protected?

Well, Roller shutters may be the answer you are looking for.

The dilemma is which ones do you choose as there are so many available. All you do need to be assured of is there is a type of roller shutter that will suit your need.

So, let’s just clarify exactly what roller shutters are.

In a simplistic breakdown, Roller shutters are a mechanism that is used to cover windows and doors. The main purpose is to provide security. Different to other more ‘traditional’ shutters, roller shutters use a coiled mechanism, this means that they can be easily rolled up and down, as opposed to open out to the sides. Therefore allowing a much more space friendly option, especially in smaller spaces or in cases where you may not want the shutters to visible.

You can purchase roller shooters in a variety of styles and materials e.g. aluminium galvanised steel even wood. Globally they are used in homes or businesses to offer protection. You may find them indoors (e.g. school canteen) or outdoors (in a supermarket) the type depends on what you need it for.

So what types may be available?

Commercial Roller shutters- these are designed as large heavy duty shutters stereotypically made of galvanised steel. You will see these kinds of shutters on shops and banks etc. These heavy-duty shutters will make it much more difficult for burglars, thieves or ram raiders breaking into a property.

Aluminium roller shutters.

Tthese offer a cost effective security solution for homes, offices and other businesses. These offer an extra barrier to protect contents of homes, offices and shops. As well as a solid design you can get these in a perforated option. You can get these in both manual and electric versions, this allows you the choice of how you want to open and close your shutters.

Continental roller shutters.

These are the most aesthetically pleasing sleek and stylish type of shutters. These are used both internally and externally on buildings. These are not only used for security but insulation, ventilation and light control into and out of the building.

Fire shutters- As we are fully aware Fire can destroy buildings rapidly as well as destroying lives. The effects of fire can cause total devastation. Fire shutters offer protection against fire. These are steel slated in design which can be controlled electrically and closed during an emergency situation blocking off a fire at source. This can isolate the damage and stop a blaze from creeping through the building. Fire shutters usually come with a backup battery supply which ensures that they will be able to close no matter what the emergency. You will find these, for example, in a building that has a kitchen area, for example, or in other areas that there is a high risk of fire.

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