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One of the most important visual elements when considering a new shop front design is colour. Colour influences feeling and emotion – and helps to reinforce brand identity. As covered in last week’s post, now powder coating and other innovative techniques enable businesses to amalgamate the design of their premises with their trading colours. So when contemplating a new shop front or exterior design how can you choose a shade which accurately represents both the nature and ethos of your business?

Monochrome and Greyscale

Greys are increasingly becoming popular choices for paint, brickwork and frames. This slick, contemporary and stylish set of colours lends itself to a variety of purposes – and is easily combined with other shades, too. Try lime greens, yellows, pinks and turquoises to break up swathes of grey.

Monochrome also provides a striking, sophisticated finish – and it works for restaurants and retailers alike. Monochrome is quite a masculine combination – making it perfect for car dealerships, barbers and jewellery shops.

Bright and beautiful

Sometimes businesses are frightened of using brighter hues (especially if planning permission is involved and other businesses are close by). But provided there are no objections bright colours can really attract attention and presents your brand as fun, innovative, unique or daring.


Although white may be seen as ‘plain’ or ‘boring’ it’s actually a fantastic colour for many businesses preferring a more contemporary, pared-back feel. It’s classic, modern and clean at the same time. Using white can also accentuate your branding or the view within your premises – so if you have a shop window you want to create a focus point out of or need your branding to stand out, white could be the perfect colour for your shop front.


Heritage colours (peaches, pale dove greys, olive greens and duck-egg blues) have experienced a comeback in recent years. Whilst naturally these are suited to quaint boutiques in chocolate-box villages they’re also great for modern properties requiring a classic, elegant twist. Although traditionally these are historic, nostalgic shades they’re not out of place on contemporary properties.

Back to nature

Sometimes it’s easier to make a statement without paints or artificial colours. Polished bare wood, rustic timber and a utilitarian Norwegian style naturally turn heads – especially in a high street setting amongst traditional shop fronts.

For more information on how you can bring your exterior design in line with your business branding take a look at our Services here.

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