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There are so many elements involved in running a successful business – elements which increase if you take on premises which are customer-facing, whether they are situated on a bustling high street or in a contemporary business park. This can often lead to exterior impressions becoming an afterthought, as they fall behind marketing and general day-to-day essentials in the running for attention and budget. However whilst you are busy building your business from the inside out, it’s easy to forget how others will perceive you based on your physical presence. So how can you take a step back and determine the message your shopfront is sending out about you and your business?

Shabby but not so chic: Read tired and worn out

Shabby shopfronts don’t have to be hundreds of years old. They can be modern buildings simply worn down by neglect and poor maintenance – and whilst on occasion older buildings can pass this off as historical ‘charm’, those built in the latter half of the last century can’t get away with it. A weathered-looking exterior covered in cracks, missing components, peeling paint and grubby fixtures say a lot about your business – namely that the same care and attention which has been afforded on the outside occurs on the inside where it really matters to clients.

Neglected and out-of-date: Read stuck in the past

Things change fast these days – and businesses are expected to keep up with emerging technologies and techniques no matter what they may be doing. Even cafes and restaurants nowadays are expected to have accounts on Twitter and Tripadvisor. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the impression your shopfront gives of your relevance and importance in an increasingly impatient modern market – as a less than desirable external presence is likely to affect what happens on the inside. Keep displays fresh and vibrant – seasonal if applicable – and make sure you’re showing off your best products and those you currently wish to sell to customers. Exercising care and attention regarding what’s going on around your front door can have a really positive effect almost immediately on client impressions and sales as a consequence.

Cleanliness and good maintenance: Meticulous, reliable, trustworthy

Cleanliness implies trust and attention to detail – and whatever services or products you may provide, it subliminally reassures and persuades customers to know that what you offer is good quality. This is especially important for food retailers, cafes, restaurants or hair and beauty establishments – of course, your premises may be clean as a whistle inside, but if they’re looking shabby on the outside, customers can’t be sure that care has been taken to ensure hygiene is maintained as a whole.

Good as new: Read care and attention

New or ‘good as new’ premises will always give the best possible impression of your business to outsiders and potential customers. Obviously, this can be achieved via a quality refit – but it can also be mastered simply by good maintenance and the regular replacement of fixtures which may break or weather over time. The result is clean, fresh and inviting – plus anybody encountering your premises for the first time knows instinctively that they are dealing with a quality company which cares about every element of their business.

Ensure that your shop front is an advocate for your business – simply speak to us today for more information and helpful tips.

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