Why Choose SRL’s Industrial Steel Roller Shutter Doors?

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Many modern commercial and industrial units which often contain expensive equipment and materials, have now become a target for thieves, this is why you need to choose  industrial steel roller shutter doors.

It’s a problem most businesses face at one time or other, and only gets worse in times of recession. Many of the vulnerable businesses that don’t have industrial steel roller shutter doors, need them as they are specifically targeted because of their geographic location: most are situated on the outskirts of town in industrial parks that are often isolated during night hours. Naturally many businesses are worried about the prospect of intruders breaking into their properties and stealing or damaging valuable plant and machinery, so they want to take active steps to protect their premises and deter thieves.

Is your business looking for a proven and cost-effective security solution for your commercial or industrial units?

Few security solutions offer the level of protection of industrial steel roller shutters and industrial steel roller shutter doors. Industrial steel roller shutters are virtually impregnable to all-but the most determined thief. SRL LIMITED design and manufacture a range of single skin industrial steel roller shutter doors suitable for medium to heavy use that provide first class security and protection.

We manufacture industrial steel roller shutter for shop fronts, doors, windows, and garages to guarantee security and insurance approved to LPS 1175. SRL’s industrial steel roller shutter doors can be manufactured with manual or electric operation, uncoated or coated and in a wide range of colour finishes to suit any security-conscious business. We can also supply a heavy-duty power-operated industrial steel roller shutter doors with either single solid, scrolled or perforated lath of varying gauges or alternatively a double-skin 20mm thick steel roller shutters which offers increased security and greater wind resistance and insulation.

If you’re looking for the very best industrial steel roller shutter doors at the very best prices, then call SRL LIMITED today on 0161 343 6253 for a competitive quote.

We also offer a complete range of electric roller shutter doors, including aluminium brickbond roller shutters, electric doors, expanding internal office grilles, steel hinged doors, self-coiling aluminium roller shutter doors, insulated roller shutter doors, fire-rated roller shutter doors, sectional overhead doors and Continental domestic roller shutter doors. From manufacturing and installation to maintenance and servicing, SRL LIMITED is the complete ‘one stop shop’ for all your industrial steel roller shutter and industrial steel roller shutter door requirements.

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