Why Do So Many Businesses Choose Electric Roller Shutters?

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What’s the best and most cost-effective way of ensuring that business premises are secure without compromising access during working hours?

Well, there are lots of options available on the market, but in our opinion the most effective and efficient solution is the electric roller shutter door. But don’t just take our word for it: ask all sorts of businesses and they’ll all tell you that the electric roller shutter door is their product of choice. The reason for this is simple. Electric roller shutters are secure, convenient and affordable, and best of all they can be rolled out of the way during normal working hours.

The advantages of electric roller shutters don’t stop there either. Commercial and industrial electric roller shutters can also provide additional security to existing windows and doors and can act as access control points for the main entry to warehouses and business units. Electric roller shutter doors can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, like environmental control and fire protection/resistance.

So why do so many businesses choose electric roller shutters.

Electric roller shutter doors are ideal for industrial and commercial environments where usable floor space is critical. The roller shutter door is hung from an overhead frame which is attached to the wall and supported internally by side piers. Side piers mean there is less likelihood of damage to vehicles when the electric roller shutter door is fully open. Electric roller shutter doors do not require any other structural supports, so they can be installed quickly and safely.

Industrial electric roller shutter doors and electric roller shutters are specially designed to be robust and highly resistant to intruders.

Roller shutters look smart, clean and functional, and will maintain the integrity of the brand and give a great impression to business customers. Our electric roller shutter doors come in a wide variety of designs and finishes

From manufacturing and installation to maintenance and servicing, SRL LIMITED is the complete ‘one stop shop’ for all your electric roller shutter door requirements. With over 30 years’ experience in the field we know what we’re talking about. We manufacture, supply, install and maintain all types of commercial doors and electric roller shutters across the UK, and aim to ensure that our products out-perform rival doors and roller shutters in terms of quality, function, finish and price.

To find out more about our electric roller shutter doors, call SRL Ltd on 0161 343 6253.

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