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Quick question for you: what’s the colour of the front door of your favourite coffee place?

You probably have no idea.

Like most people, you probably pay little attention to the doors and shop fronts around you.

While we recognise ‘famous’ doors like the heavily polished black door of 10 Downing Street, we barely even see all others.

Yet in appreciating architecture, one takes in the entire building; doors, windows, roof style etc. Even before viewing the interior, the exterior of the building is subconsciously assessed. When buying a home, realtors say that the entrance and doors can form a crucial part of the house-buying decision. They say clients consider everything from the style to the colour before making a decision.

We also subconsciously evaluate businesses on their external appearance too. What kind of building would you expect to find an equipment manufacturer? Large, grey, noisy, I bet. What about a distributor of fine wine? Muted colours, white exterior, right? Would you notice if the paint was peeling and the place had shabby fittings? I bet you would.

For businesses that own their own premises, coming across as professional, is probably very important to you. Everything from the company logo and colours to choosing the layout of the office, must be perfect. Ever considered how a first-time customer views your business? If you had the chance to redesign your office, what would you change?

Case Study

A recent client consultation for an office re-design showed how different people perceive different elements of the office. Everyone seemed to have conflicting ideas on what was best for the office. As the supplier of the doors, it was interesting to see how people thought about front doors and their functions.

Some staff were concerned about security and wanted the biggest, sturdiest door available. We had to educate them that big and sturdy may solve one problem, but it leads to a bunch of others, like poor insulation and the overall cost of an imposing timber door of the size they wanted.

Another group preferred to focus on aesthetics and flooding the office with light by using an all-glass front fa├žade. While this is an excellent aesthetic choice, it may not be the best security-wise. Yes, you can have toughened glass or even perspex installed, but it’s still not the safest option. Besides, unless your business is one where you have to display goods their entirety, it isn’t advised by most security experts.

With their initial options discarded, they were surprised when we proposed installing an aluminium shop front with roller shutters. This represents the most versatile option available; shutters can be used to cover anything from 10-foot wide loading docks to 60-inch tall shop counters.

The shop front itself can be fitted with automatic swinging or sliding doors. These doors can also be fitted to be controlled by a remote control, to limit entrance. Regarding security, they can be securely locked using everything from electronic locks to standard padlocks.

All fears of the business looking dull and prison-like were quickly dispelled when we showed them the broad range of RAL and BS colours available. These allow the shutters to be painted in the business colours and the exterior made to look as welcoming as possible.

Our brief consulting session landed us the contract and we were glad we could educate some more customers. By making an intelligent choice, you can combine aesthetics, security and a reasonable price in one neat package. Remember people will judge your business from their first glance; i.e. from the front door. Make the right impression from the beginning.

Whether it’s an office remodel or you’re simply fed up with the ‘boring’ front of your shop, SRL Limited can help. We stock a unique range of roller shutters designed to preserve aesthetics while securing the premises.

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