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It’s easy to see how shop front design trends have developed and changed throughout the years. Mostly they’ve evolved with changing demand and popularity for certain products, businesses and even colour schemes. However, some businesses can fall victim to changing trends and fashions. Once ‘modern’ concrete shop fronts of the 60s are now dated and unsightly – yet at the time they were cutting-edge and desirable. With this in mind, it’s key that as a business you consider an exterior that stands the test of time to avoid expense and lost sales in years to come.

What will be next?

Recently we’ve seen a resurgence of classic heritage shop fronts – rustic bare wood, brick and stone and pastel paintwork with traditional style windows. This mixes in nicely with contemporary shop fronts that lean more towards a polished, eco-friendly finish – slate, marble, metal and full glass frontages that are eye-catching and give a fresh, professional impression. As it’s difficult to predict future trends based on what is favoured now, it’s always best to employ classic techniques to ensure your design will be current both now and in years to come.

Keep up with the times without being out of pocket

It’s easy to discuss upcoming trends – but what do these changes mean for your business? For the sake of sales and reputation it’s important to ensure you maintain a positive external image for potential and existing clients – but this naturally comes with a cost. With this in mind it’s advisable to invest in an overhaul which will remain current and visually appealing for years to come. There are a few classic design disciplines which are often seen in timeless pieces of architecture, including shapes, techniques, materials and colours. For example, the iconic ‘Toast Rack’ in Manchester has been much-loved for decades – but now it’s been given a make-over to ensure it’s contemporary without losing its identity. An exterior which can be easily repurposed or refurbished at a later date as needed is much more cost-effective than a design which looks great now, but can’t adapt or be altered in the future.

Small changes can modernise and revitalise

You don’t have to invest in a complete overhaul of your shop front to ensure you’re still presenting an appealing prospect to passers by. Small changes can make a significant difference. This could be a lick of paint, new windows or even a new door. Fresh signage and clearer branding can also enhance your pulling power and tempt new customers as well as keeping existing clients interested.

For more advice and support regarding shop front design and fitting, please head over to our Services page or take a look at related articles here on the blog.

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