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Often the window itself is an overlooked element in a shop front design. Usually plain glass, it’s a relatively ‘straightforward’ aspect of the scheme in its entirety. Yet your window is the main driver behind the decision passers-by make to enter your establishment. Improvements don’t always have to involve costly refits or large construction projects – even small changes can make a significant difference. So how can you create a window of opportunity for your business?

Decorative touches

Decorative touches can’t be underestimated. Making your window a focal point, however subtly you do so, can really make a difference to footfall and as a consequence impacts sales in a positive way. Feature windows are often successful for florists, grocers, hairdressers and cafes – businesses which can sometimes be overlooked on a high street as they are so commonplace. Always check regarding the materials and compatibility of whatever you’re planning to use before you go about changing anything drastically (especially if you are planning on painting your window or making any ‘semi-permanent’ alterations) – as well as ensuring you’re not contravening any planning laws before going ahead.

Accentuate what lies within

The purpose of a window, aside the obvious function of viewing through it, is to really show off what you have to offer inside your premises. Although this isn’t strictly an external element, you can accentuate your window by cleverly displaying your goods in it, or using curtains, drapes and other materials to dress it in such a way it’s hard to ignore. Blinds can now be printed with images or branded designs – and advances in technology now mean digital displays are often favoured over static imagery, especially for estate agents and travel companies. It’s also important to remember lighting both outside and in – as this will have a substantial influence on the overall effect potential customer experience.

Change up the glass

Changing your current window design (or simply having fresh glass fitted) isn’t always as expensive as you may think. If your glass is looking worn and tired or you’ve had your current look in place for some time, the effect of a new installation really can be incredibly positive – so it’s likely your return may be significantly larger compared with your original outlay.

Keep it clean

There’s a lot to be said for regular maintenance when it comes to the appearance and resilience of glass installations – windows in particular. It’s incredibly important that those looking into your business from the outside with no prior knowledge of what you do and how you operate leave with a positive impression – or better still feel compelled to come in to explore your business further. As you’re likely to have a large amount of glass, it may be worth calling on professional assistance to keep your windows gleaming and visitors beaming.

For further advice on tips on effective shopfront design and installation, contact us or browse the services we offer here on the site.

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