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It’s long been assumed that winter is a bad time to carry out maintenance and construction work – and not without reason. Cold, unpredictable weather and plenty of rain turn building sites into quagmires. The various negative elements can be disruptive and destructive, causing costly obstructions and lengthy lead times.

Yet as the nights draw in and the air becomes cooler it’s a perfect time for businesses to consider the exterior changes they plan to make in the new year. All too often planning and preparation for essential maintenance and shop front refits is left until the last minute – to the detriment of the project itself. Here we explain some key things to consider when thinking about making an exterior change – and why there is no time like the present when it comes to laying the foundations for a fresh new look.

Decide on a design early on

Considering your design now is a good idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, it enables you to take your time. At the moment, you’re at least 6 months ahead of your project coming to fruition, so you can plan with ease and properly think about what you want, why and how it will benefit you and your customers. You have time to consult with experts about what type of design will work for you – to draw up blueprints, to tweak and perfect. When design is left too late it can cause fatal flaws and errors, or vital things to be missed out. Where essential maintenance is concerned the work simply can’t wait – so don’t leave design elements until the condition of your property is critical.

Leave time for planning and legal or financial processes

Planning permission is a notoriously lengthy process – as are other legal and financial matters surrounding large projects and even small extensions. Considering (and even getting the ball rolling) now during the winter ensures that there is plenty of time for these processes to take place before the build needs to commence.

Budget and scope costs now

Money is a huge issue for businesses who embark on a new shop front or exterior design completely unprepared. Considering making a change now enables you to have a conversation with your accountant, to start putting money aside if necessary and budget appropriately for construction work. Consulting with a specialist company now will also enable you to have a more accurate idea of the costs involved, especially if you have also thought about a design and the type of changes you need to make.

Consider and cover all eventualities

It’s not always productive to consider and make plans for every possible outcome – but covering the likely scenarios and making contingency plans in case something happens is a must. Early prep during autumn and winter ensures that you not only have extra time for your build should you need it – but that you can also cope with any unexpected issues such as staff illness, lack of materials or poor weather.

Minimise the effect on your business

A new shop front or fresh exterior has an important goal – to improve the look of your business, and essentially help you to make more money. So if the build is disruptive, it can have the opposite of the desired effect on your company’s profits – before it’s even finished. Choosing a reputable, experienced company greatly minimises this risk – but with any construction work there are inconveniences that need to be accounted for. Planning ahead of time ensures that you have ways of dealing with these eventualities, and can also warn and reassure customers that you may look a little different (and that their experience with you may change slightly) as you make necessary improvements.

Speak to SRL today about a new shop front design and build. Take a look at our Services pages here for more information on the products and support we provide.

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